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List of Complex Cases
The list of complex cases are as follows:
  • All convicted cases (by a court in India or abroad).
  • Any applicant having criminal case pending before a criminal court in India.
  • A warrant or summons for the appearance, or a warrant for the arrest, of the applicant has been issued by a court under any law for the time being in force or that an order prohibiting the departure from India of the applicant has been made by any such court.
  • Applicant has been repatriated and has not reimbursed the expenditure incurred in connection with such repatriation.
  • Any applicant ever returned to India on EC or deported or repatriated.
  • Minor Children from Jammu & Kashmir and Nagaland, Single parent, Separated/Divorced parents.
  • Complete name change other than name change due to marriage.
  • Single parent, separate divorced cases.
  • Either parent foreign national.
  • All lost & photo damaged cases or application for photo change where appearance change is substantial.
  • Renewal of Short Validity Passport (SVP).
  • Current address is not of India.
  • An applicant who has at any time during the period of 5 years immediately preceding the date of this application been convicted by a court in India for any criminal offence and sentenced to imprisonment for two years or more.
  • Any applicant who has ever been refused/denied passport.
  • Any applicant whose Passport has ever been Impounded or Revoked.
  • Any applicant who has ever applied for/granted political asylum by any foreign country.